Justin Jackson interviews Adam Clark for the Build & Launch podcast

EP11: I’ll be your birth coach

Do you have a bunch of projects that you’ve started, but not launched? This is the show where we build and launch something every 7 days.

In this episode Justin does a mid-week checkup with Adam to see how he’s doing with his podcasting course.

Once you’ve promised the world that you’re going to make something, that’s when things get scary. Because now you have to make it. Most of us would rather create things in our cave and not launch, because that’s safe. It’s time for you to go public.

Community updates

This week’s project

Listeners have asked me to do a “Build & Launch sprint” where I help someone else launch a product.

So this week, I’m working with Adam Clark, to help him launch is course called Irresistible Podcasting.

Action steps: what to do when you feel overwhelmed

  1. Get things out of your brain, and on to paper, or into project management software (we used Sprintly).
  2. Start now, and start small. Get the first thing on your list done. Just sit down, turn off Twitter, turn off your phone, and get the work done.

Don’t try to cajole yourself into action by saying that you’re going to do one tooth then do them all. Just floss one. Do it every day. And watch what happens. I can tell you what happened to me – one day, about three weeks in, I had an itch for completion. I wanted, needed to floss them all. I wasn’t even particularly aware of the change, which seemed natural and unconscious. And now I can’t not floss. Mission accomplished. – Margaret Lukens, Floss one tooth

Previous week’s launches

  1. The Build & Launch podcast
  2. The Product Hunt Handbook
  3. Network Effects: a web app for notifying groups via SMS

Show notes

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