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What are you going to build?

This show is about a community of product people making things, and getting them launched. Along the way, I’ll be highlighting listeners like you who are building and launching their own things.

EP6: This is it

Whoo. This is it. This is the day I announce the first product I’ll be working on for Build & Launch. I wanted to start really small: I think the mistake most people make when they’re building their first thing, is they choose something way too big. “Nobody has the balls to do this.” – […]

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EP5: Re-launch my beard

Yesterday was launch day for the podcast. It landed on Product Hunt, and there was a flurry of excitement. But what happens the day after you launch? Today I talk about the post-launch blues. We launch part of ourselves with the stuff that we do. We’re launching ourselves in a podcast, or a book, or […]

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EP4: How do you say creeper in French?

In this episode we hear what Justin’s family thinks about this crazy experiment. Also: why is Justin standing in a completely dark closet? Launch stats I promised that I’d share all my launch stats for each project I release. So far, in the last 24 hours, here are the stats: 955 podcast listens 671 page […]

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