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What are you going to build?

This show is about a community of product people making things, and getting them launched. Along the way, I’ll be highlighting listeners like you who are building and launching their own things.

EP21: Haggard

It’s not about you achieving the American Dream. It’s about you getting 1% better ever day. “Every time you put yourself on the line, you are creating your own luck, and increasing your chances of having some success” What are you going to do this week to improve your situation? The only way you get […]

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EP20: Life vs Projects

Justin is jet-lagged. In this episode he talks about balancing our creative projects with getting out and living your life. Ultimately, I believe that relationships are more important than the things we make. This week’s project Weekofhustle.com – commit to building your project in a week. Start on a set date, and launch 7 days […]

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EP19: Eating my own dog food

Justin is recording on the road from Edmonton, Alberta. In this episode: with only 4 days to work, Justin launch the first product of Season 2? See what it’s like to eat your own dog food. This week’s project Back in Season 1, Carl and Justin created a WordPress plugin that allowed you to create […]

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