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What are you going to build?

This show is about a community of product people making things, and getting them launched. Along the way, I’ll be highlighting listeners like you who are building and launching their own things.

EP25: The end is nigh

Join Justin for the last episode of Season 2. What did hear learn while launching one product a week, over 8 weeks? He also gives us a sneak peek into his new book: Marketing for Developers. The mantra of this show has always been: “Start small and start now.” Two common mistakes product people make […]

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EP24: How do we create things people want?

How do you know what people want? After spending 24 hours in the mini-van with 4 kids, Justin is back from the Easter long-weekend and ready to update us on his progress on this week’s project: “Marketing for Developers.” Project update You’d think that I would learn my lesson: in order to do these week-long […]

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EP23: Face your fears

The theme for this episode is “facing your fears.” Was Justin able to re-launch Product People Club? He talks to more of his existing customers to discover what jobs they’re hiring the Club for. “Do one thing every day that scares you.” -Eleanor Roosevelt This week’s project: Product People Club You can see it it […]

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